Even if you suddenly have to prepare money, speed cashing is safe. The average number of people using cashing is about 3 companies per person, and it is reported in a statistical survey that there is a borrowing amount of about 1 million yen. You may see a caching announcement calling for planned use. Be careful not to borrow more and more from a bicycle operation without a clear outlook. As a caveat for speed cashing, the guideline for borrowing is to keep your monthly payments below 20% of your salary. Planned use means that you can repay without any problems. If you use caching that makes it impossible to repay, you are more likely to be unable to repay, depending on other circumstances and your family. One of the causes of multiple debt is the pattern of using another cashing company to repay the cashing. Speed ​​cashing is easy and quick to prepare when you need money, so you’ll want to rely on it. But, of course, this is the money I got from borrowing. Speed ​​cashing takes almost no time from application to loan. As a result, the time it takes to get a new loan tends to be short. If you have no choice but to use cashing, think carefully about whether you really need it and plan your repayment with the correct knowledge.