Repayment method There are many, but I think what to do when using a credit card. If you have caching with a credit card, basically it has become a collective repayment method principle. Borrowing of the current credit company, will be able to revolving repayment or repayment, convenience was up. In, card loans of consumer finance companies and credit companies of card loan would if different from. Revolving credit and installment payments, which was the repayment method of card loan unique until a while ago, so now was to choose as repayment method even if the caching using a credit card, the difference between the actual place both so much There is none. However, the repayment method from the credit card and consumer finance company, the difference in repayment number of times there is a difference in the way if not. Credit card is a must have an account registered at the time of issue, at the time of repayment takes the form of direct debit from the account. Repayment to the caching company also choose automatic withdrawal is, the person who received the caching loan will be repaid in different ways. People who do not want to leave the repayment history in the passbook is not the automatic withdrawal will dare to use. Because it is many people that known do not want to owe money, the repayment of card loans of consumer finance does not seem to be a direct debit. In addition, the interest of the consumer finance has the image of a high, but not a person of the credit card is cheaper interest by borrowing period and the amount of money. The time to borrow money, not Shimawa decide on whether the credit card company or consumer finance company, you should be firm confirmation.