Referred to as a free loan the type of loan that is not specially designated the uses of debt, it will be distinguished from the objective type loans Tsukaimichi has been decided. To caching examination is advantageously made conditions, there is a condition in which a disadvantage. With respect to the interest rate surface and limits, that it may better of purpose type loan has become a favorable financial products than free loan, you must be careful. Obtain a multiple of caching products of material, please make sure be a what conditions. To get a high reputation in loan examination, it would be nice if they meet any of the points. If the spending limits in the caching loan is less than 500,000 yen, proof of annual income you do not have is a particular need. However, if you want to borrow 500,000 yen or more money, you must provide, such as withholding certificate written tax certificate at the time of application. If 2 million yen about the annual income can be expected, Masu Yono also to age and served in that institution, but the examination will be easier to pass. The examination conditions is also required place of employment. For banks and companies that make loans, place of employment is a big decision material. It is a matter of course, but never lend money to people there is no income. Although full-time housewife is not a fixed income not for the work, subject to review of the free loan financing since the spouse is possible. If, for example, loan applicant was a housewife, annual income is what’s husband, other companies borrowing number is a number that matches the couple, if you are out on the part seems to the examination is added to the husband’s income . Also review varies depending on the length of time you are working now in the workplace. 1 year to pass the examination to you need, if not less than half a year, it would be better to give up the loan itself. There is no lie in contact at the time of application, to know that you are in the applicant is definitely the company, enrollment confirmation is done.