This until part-time workers and the employment situation of

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From around the end of the 80’s when the domestic economy was picking up, now the term part-time workers are used. Employment of the field is a chronic labor shortage state, that the construction boom and a 24-hour shop was expanded, hand free of Al Baita not bound by the framework of the regular adoption was needed. Because you did not part-time job alone inconvenience is looking for a job as we were able to make a living, it was also possible to choose not to full step-by-step implementation is difficult dream. When the economy turns the weak, the gates of the full-time by the amount of overall employment has decreased becomes narrower, part-time job to hire at a lower salary is now used as the active labor force. For this reason, a number of young people in the job hunting is not attached to the regular adoption, companies are now also in a difficult situation of employment that will reduce the number of new adoption. Therefore, even in people who wants to full-time it has become in a state that does not have to be stuck in the work of part-time and temporary. The total population of part-time workers that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is defined, the bubble period of 1991 was about 62 million people. Then the number of part-time workers is rapidly increasing, the survey after 12 years trying to Todoko to 220 million people. This was more and more part-time workers number in this way, also it has to do with jobs side of convenience rather than the job side. Without newly adopted full-time, to ensure the labor force while cutting labor costs by using part-time and dispatch, was the company of the side corresponding to the economic downturn. For even full-time, there is no need to train than the new graduates, there was also a movement to increase the mid-career to be the immediate contribution. Several factors combined, seems to be some percentage of those who are job hunting with the aim of regular employees, so that the work in part-time and part-time job not accustomed to regular employees.