The common sense test can be said to be a hurdle that most companies set when looking for a job. Common sense of employment is a test of whether or not a person has what he or she should know as a member of society, and is the basis of personnel selection. What standards are set in the common sense test? In the first place, some people may think that it is not directly related to their lives. If you cross the world without understanding the obvious, you may eventually become inconvenienced and embarrassed. You should acquire the knowledge you need to acquire so that you can keep the minimum line in any situation. Common sense is a loss if you don’t have it, but it may not change. If possible, the company wants to hire people who have common sense. The company side who wants a person who can become a force tries to know the person’s character through examinations and the like. However, when choosing a person who will become a member of the company after joining the company and become a representative of the company, it is natural to base on common sense. However, in order to be hired by the company you want, it is not enough if you have common sense. Also, if you can get a job safely, common sense is not obsolete. By getting to know common sense little by little on a regular basis, that knowledge will improve your skills and you will be able to continue to move forward as a member of society.