Will repayment of card lending is carried out what kind. Repayment means you can choose from among which there are several. Debit or from the account, it is also possible to transfer money to an automatic teller machine. How to pay to go in person to the nearest ATM it does not take corresponding ATM if commission, but must pay a fee otherwise. There is also a caching that can repay in fees from any convenience store ATM, more repayment is now easy. Examine properly how we repay, it is important to make a pre-outlook. Debt repayment even once is because will be many times. Let’s talk about the good usage of card loans. Repayment in a short period of time for a small fee, because it is clever use. For example, etc. to be used as a temporary tie until payday, after is certain is that there is income, is firmly repayment can be such a method of use in its revenue. Caching of interest will continue to grow every day. When borrow 50,000 yen in real annual rate of 25.5%, it will continue to be subject to interest of each 35 yen every day. Interest calculation is to become daily. Compared from the time outside the bank account with the commission when down the money, you might want to use the resulting one. However, since interest is the case of borrowing from consumer finance will continue to snowball, also at a lower interest amount from the commission of the bank in the borrowing of a day or two, it will be considerable interest and continues to be borrowed for one month you. Repayment is difficult will likely amount of money is not borrowed, let’s use make a plan that can be reliably repayment. If, So if you use the card loan, please by all means available skillfully.