That you first try to go to Hello Work when looking for a job is a way that probably everyone takes. Hello Work and referred to as the Public Employment Security Office the official name, short employment office, it is called Hello Work nicknamed. Hello Work or to introduce the work to people who are looking for a job, will be the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of a governmental agency or a business, such as employment insurance. The Hello Work There are 600,000 jobs close from all over the country. Even people who are on some kind of work, even in people who do not work, you can listen for free the information of employment if you go to the Hello Work. Besides, various employment support services to help look for work have been carried out in the Hello Work, it has been held in free of charge, such as employment seminars. People who wish to employment consultation, you can also use the Hello Work office. By discuss job hunting and went to Hello Work, the person who was suffering or do I a looking for a job in any form, you may staff will tell the appropriate work. The work, which was introduced to the staff must go to the absolute, it is safe because you do not mean that. To what people who decided you want to want to adopt to the company, you can also ask such introduction. Rather than end to introduce, also tell me how to write, such as the knowledge and documents at the time of adoption of the test. If you are able to skillfully take advantage of the Hello Work, or find a job information in the form you want, information that will help in looking for a job will go to efficiently hand.