What criteria will should you choose the outplacement service. Since the place to deal with outplacement services are many, it is what you want to fail with no choice. Importantly, either by a change jobs of their own want to eliminate what the point is to see what outplacement service is good for that. What kind of place is in companies that are out of a job will be able to know to some extent in the career site, but this time has been also useful scout service. The scout service, is present, the reverse of the idea at all and job hunting of the past. Profile and career, by sending the desired content to the career destination in outplacement services, thing that the wait for an offer from the company. What if the left does not want or clearly decided to enter into the corporate job probe say it has continued to, or will not there be utilized city. However, then you need to do in this way on their own such as every negotiations until the adoption of the corporate side, the scout service does not work only for the public offering has been jobs. In addition, there is also a portal site that specializes in change jobs. Rather than one of the information from the outplacement services, is what are summarized Job information possessed by the multiple of outplacement services. You can receive a scout in the same way as the career site to register for this career change agent portal site, but in this case not from the company, is a mechanism that scout comes from career consultants. It is very convenient, but it is possible to find a place to suit yourself from among a lot of career change agent, you must be careful because it can not directly apply for a job company. Since the information via the Internet will inevitably delay tend to, if you want to get the most up-to-date information it would be a good career change agent. Not only the information collected, Can you behalf also contact with companies. Also Can you teach, such as attitude and tricks required for the job search. However, it seems not possible to negotiate with the company. To understand the features of the many outplacement services, we want to use to choose a place to meet in his career style, a successful employment and to the ideal of changing jobs destination.