Folks there is the category of interest rates caching called interest rate 3-layer, the bank system will correspond to the first layer. 3 types of interest rate are present, the majority of caching will go to either. The first layer of the interest rate of caching in the caching products of the bank, is the interest rate from 5 to 12% before and after. 2 of the eye of the layers in the bank-consumer caching, is the interest rate from 15 to 18 percent. The third layer is in the consumer finance and credit, consumer credit companies, etc., is the interest rate 20 several percent to 29.2%. Company bank Among the caching company is involved there is a named bank system, but has been distinguished from the consumer credit system and the consumer finance system, lending itself is doing in the consumer finance company. Management itself is available from the fact that involved even the bank in which is performing consumer finance company, the financing of low interest rates than others. When the consumer finance lend money, you need to do while adhere to the Interest Rate Restriction Law. Here is the number of in a new layer that has been able to year, but there is also the convenience of good, etc., the user of the bank-consumer caching is not increasing, we extend to loans outstanding and guarantees balance both. It is determined in the maximum interest rate in the Interest Rate Restriction Law, the financial company is supposed to be a loan to not exceed the level of interest rates. Interest Rate Restriction Law, 20% per year in the case of principal less than 100,000 yen, 18 percent a year in the case of less than principal 100,000 yen more than 100 yen, the maximum interest rate, such as 15% a year in the case of more than principal 1 million yen the provisions, part of the interest rate in excess of this is that you have to be invalid. Annual rate stipulated by the Interest Rate Restriction Act and to include key money and fees generated at the time of application of caching, delinquent damage gold has also been decided that the following multiples of the interest rate.