By using the support service very well, you can proceed with the career advantage. Look for a company that first doing a search and outplacement services on the Internet. The woman there is also a place that is doing the female professional outplacement. If you picked the ease-of-use likely outplacement services, first to register their information. Hope of career destination, and send work experience, such as the skills you have. After a few days when the registration, there will be contacted by representatives career consultants of outplacement services. In the field of career counseling, or given a specific advice on changing jobs from career counselors, and or locate the Kibounisou ones from the job information. Decide companies to tender from among the jobs that I was introduced, and asked to recommend to the company from the company that the outplacement service. You can get advice on how to write and the contents of the application documents and curriculum vitae that time. It performs a mock interview if they wish, also tell me tips on not fail the interview. It also left up negotiations and schedule adjustment of standing between the partner companies. Job offer is Can you support in outplacement services and a variety of procedures to enter the new company, such as amicably leaving the method of adjustment and incumbent companies of negotiations and hire date of the adoption of conditions Once you have determined. Even from the beginning to work in career destination, there is also a place where get to ride in counseling. Even in difficult career in one person, you can receive if the advice and follow-up for free outplacement services. People who are thinking of changing jobs is recommended that you now use an outplacement service.