About receiving a bridge loan on your behalf

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For bridge loans, where you will get a large loan even for a short period of time, you will pay a considerable amount of interest and fees. Not surprisingly, you want to save money on this bridge loan. However, bridge loans may not be necessary even when it takes time to start a mortgage loan. If the real estate company employs a system of proxy receipt, there is no need for a bridge loan. A bridge loan is a loan that is required because the costs that must be paid to the real estate company are incurred even before the original mortgage is available. If you can have a real estate company wait for you to pay from your mortgage, you don’t need a bridge loan. Bridge loan proxy receipt is a system in which a real estate company promises to receive a mortgage loan and delivers the property before payment of the purchase price. This puts the real estate company at risk of not getting a mortgage loan. The system of proxy receipt eliminates the interest burden on bridge loans. This system of proxy receipt, which is a kind of service of the trader, is not an original obligation. It’s hard to get messed up, so I don’t want to make too high-pressure demands. Let’s talk casually and ask for proxy receipt. It is important to issue a certificate of mortgage loan decision.