In order to organize the money that was borrowed from what companies or financial companies, returns the money until now to borrow money at one of the financial companies, there is a product called debt consolidation for the repayment destination to the one company . Benefits of debt consolidation There are two points. Benefits of debt consolidation of First Me one point, is that the management of the repayment becomes easy. When the borrowing destination there is more than one, you need to be aware of the repayment amount and the repayment date for each individual company. Make ends meet becomes difficult to, will in some cases would fail to prepare for the money until the repayment date. Repayment Once summarizes the repayment destination to one date is fixed once a month to make it easier also to ensure the money to devote to repayment. Also will reduce that correspondence of the repayment date is delayed. Whatever the circumstances for example, will have the amount of interest that was delayed when the repayment did not meet the deadline. To have Hineridashi somehow the money shed from living expenses to pay, more interest is an increasing number will be stuck in. What is the second good point to combine the borrowing destination. More than anything, there to reduce the monthly payments of the loan, even a little. When you put together a debt to one, it is the principle that the use than the low interest rate products previously. The final repayment amount is reduced, because there is a possibility that can reduce the interest than now. Debt consolidation is effectively making use of, some of the money that has been borrowed from the caching company as it is not necessary to return one by one and easy-to-understand reduce the repayment amount, we aim to smooth repayment.