What is the caching card. When the handheld is in need of money in the absence, you can borrow the money from caching company if you use a cash card. Create a card in the consumer credit companies and consumer finance companies. If you want to raise money really in a hurry, it is also able to receive and remit the debt without arrived at hand if at the time the card issue was decided. By net environment has been developed, caching is also now possible application from the Internet. Besides, unmanned contract machines or window, you can card issuing procedure from the telephone outlet. For example, in the case of the Internet do the procedure by entering the specified items. Those of content, such as similar to the application net, in the case of windows and telephone and submit created with fill in oral and documents. Caching procedures, you can even from unmanned contract machines. When the caching process, is a direct person in charge and things unmanned contract machines that can apply even without a face-to-face with people who are diffident to fend off the word in the store window and telephone. Since it is not necessary to align the people and face-to-face at the time of application, because it reduces the feeling of resistance when you borrow money, to make it easier to use the caching also the first person. Unmanned contract machine, to say that unattended, because it is operated by a person at a remote location through the monitor, does not contract procedures, such as confirmation of the identification is being carried out in all automatic. It should be confirmed at the time of application is the borrowing interest rate. Increasing the degree of interest is let’s be sure to investigate. Interest rates there is a width by from 8% to 29.2% and their respective owners. Interest will continue to steadily increase in the per diem so, either return much in forever, you should borrow from thinking about repayment.